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Welcome to my personal website. It's a space to present myself a bit, to share about activities I am devoted to, both professionally - in digital marketing and web development - as well as voluntarily in the non-governmental sector. Feel free to learn more by hitting the button right below here.

My story

Greetings, my name is Pavel Tomas Rehak.
I am a proactive student of Public Relation and Marketing Communication, and Political Science before that, who's eventually found his strength and passion in a combination of two enriching interests, the areas of Youth Work and Digital Marketing.

I have gained vast experience and valuable skills in the past four years in the Education and Youth field based on internships in the governmental sector, volunteering in the nonprofits and participation in international conferences, exchange programs, and training courses. Therefore, I have had the opportunity to advocate for Youth Policy e.g. in Africa and the Middle East.

These activities made me think out of box and thus, having built several websites as a hobby in the past plus developed a sense of initiative and creative thinking abroad, I started working freelance on my first clients' digital projects in 2018. Since then, I focus primarily on learning-by-doing approach while deepening knowledge in Online Marketing methods.

Experience in the Youth Sector

I have had a valuable opportunity to participate in various non-formal learning activities aimed at young people that guided me through youth exchange and training course projects on diverse topics. It brought me also to intercontinental conferences in order to represent my country, to make the voice of youth heard. This unique experience is something I try to raise awareness about among youngsters.

My travel diary

Traveling is my passion. Since I have visited many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and most of the Middle East, I have many stories to tell as well. My blog is a platform to share all these personal experience(s), tips and tricks, or tools to make your adventures unforgettable - however, there is more than my trips in the diary.

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Digital Marketing and Web Development

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Pavel Tomáš Řehák




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